Lodge St Andrew No. 25

scott s&c mk2

Fire plan





FIRE WARDEN (Tyler) Activate FIRE ALARM and DIAL 999, uplift Tyle/Registration Book and evacuate to FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT at Church Gates in South Street opposite Lodge Entrance and liaise with FIRE BRIGADE and take roll call of brethren.




Deputy Fire Warden (R.W.M.) Oversee the COMPLETE EVACUATION of the Lodge and premises.




Fire Marshall’s (I.G.) to hook back door at foot of Lodge stairs and assist with EVACUATION.   (J.D.&W.J.W.) to Evacuate South Apt/Col,  keeping brethren to Left Hand side of STAIRS, (S.D&W.S.W) to Evacuate North Apt/Col keeping brethren to Right Hand side of STAIRS,


all BRETHREN to EVACUATE down concrete stairwell and ASSEMBLE at Church Gates opposite Lodge Entrance in South Street and report to FIRE WARDEN.