Lodge St Andrew No. 25

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A Brief History of Lodge 25.

The exact founding date of the Lodge is not known, however in 1598 the Lodge was summoned to a convention to be held in St Andrews.  Along with 4 other Lodges who subscribed to the St Clair or Shaw Charter.  These were Atcheson Haven, Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Haddington.  Speculation about why this meeting of Lodges was held in St Andrews and not Edinburgh is open to conjecture.  


A distinct possibility is that the Lodge of St Andrews was the largest operative one due to the works carried out with the cathedral (the largest building within Britain at the time of it's consecration in 1318).


After the foundation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736 the Lodge of St Andrews was given the number 27 this was later changed due to Lodges with lower numbers being struck off and or becoming extinct.  


During the Lodge's long and varied history there were quiet periods when it met only once a year.  Early records indicate that Deacons governed the Lodge until the first appointment of a Master and Wardens in 1741.  The first Brother to assume the title of Master being William Nish.  The title of Right Worshipful Master first appears in 1762, he being Brother William Duncan.