Lodge St Andrew No. 25

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Prior to the foundation of St. Regulus Preceptory most, if not all, of the Royal Arch Masons in St. Andrews, who desired to become Templars would go to Roslyn Preceptory which, in those days, met in Kirkcaldy.  It is not known why they did not go to Aithernie Preceptory in Methil, which is much nearer, but it may be that bus services were more convenient between St. Andrews and Kirkcaldy.  Few people owned cars then, but Fratre Tom Methven had a thriving car hire business in St Andrews.  He had a number of Rolls Royce hire cars and would regularly transport the Fratres to and from Kirkcaldy.  At times as many as six of these majestic cars would make the journey and it must have been a most impressive sight to see them all arrive in convoy.


But in 1951 it was felt that they would like to have a Preceptory nearer to home and moves were made to set up our Preceptory of St Regulus.  The necessary petitions were sent off and the Preceptory was finally erected and consecrated on Saturday 13th of December 1952.


We had few, if any, furnishings and equipment.  So while some of the Fratres set about making the furnishings it was usual for them to borrow what they did not have.  Accordingly, on the Monday mornings proceeding our musters, Frater Tony Stewart and others would use his van and go to Methil and borrow from Aithernie Preceptory whatever was required.  After the muster, it would be returned on the Wednesday by the same means.  Meanwhile Frater Stewart was busy making various pieces of our furniture with the aid of others.  Frater George Gordon’s mother made some of the Altar coverings and the top cover was originally trimmed with lace from his Grandmother’s old night-dress.  His mother did a lot of crochet work and made a long roll of lace edging.  Some of this was used in 1992 to renovate the cloth.


This link with the use of Aithernie’s equipment set up a strong bond between the two Preceptories and there has been a great deal of inter visiting between them over the years.  The break away from Roslyn caused a bit of coolness but the rift has now, thankfully, long since healed and we have great visititations between us both.






A brief history compiled by Harry Topping PP.

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 St Regulus

A Brief History of St Regulus

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